XCP Gateway

XCP Gateway is a bi-directional gateway to different blockchains, like the WAVES platform where Counterparty users can send XCP to the gateway and receive Wrapped XCP (WXCP) on the WAVES platform. WXCP holders can then use all the benefits of the WAVES platform such as low transaction fees and a high volume DEX. Users can swap their Wrapped XCP (WXCP) back to Counterparty (XCP) at any time by using the gateway.

WAVES Asset (WXCP) ID: FmJGPuDRn5AxXa9QA2aWV8mFdLp3hXYgQhneyVAzsZ2F
Circulating Wrapped XCP (WXCP): 24258.50961968

What is XCP? - CoinMarketCap

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or directly exchange your XCP/WXCP
1% Exchange/TX Fee

Every WXCP is backed by 1 XCP

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